When I say to people " I'm homeschooling him" I usually get the brow up and the horrifiying look on their faces. The split of a second they usually make the assumptions and decision if they are going to stick around or run as fast as they can. 7 out of 10 run and pretends we don't exist the next time we bump into them.
People make assumptions about homeschooling parents without realising what struggles we go through everyday.

I made a list of 8 most important ones ( for me anyway):


Yes , the assumptions, judgement, the looks on people faces. The questions " oh why is he/she not in school?", " Whats wrong with him/her?". Those are the helpful people who also question your child on times tables or laws of gravity, spelling,  just to make sure that you are doing a good enough job of teaching YOUR child.

The same people would avoid you like a plague while they spot you in a coffee shop, they will also comment and point out flaunts and "mistakes" in whatever you do.

Don't take it personally, they just don't understand, they are not educated enough about the subject to be able to comment and pass any judgement. Straighten up your crown and keep queening. You own it, you are the Homeschooling Queen.


Ah, the little darlings. Most of people assume that homeschooling is "easy", oh "everyone" can do it. They imagine that homeschooling is a breeze, you sit down and sip tea from a floral teacup, while your children complete 5 different curriculums, learn 7 foreign languages and get a art degree from Harvard online. All in one day.

The reality is, most of the time we spend time sitting with the children, explaining, creating, trying to teach them the independence, the basics of math and the reason why pin pong balls float. The kids have good and bad days and we all have been there right? The tears and the tantrums because they don't feel like learning or just because geometry is not what they like. Testing your and their own limits, learning that sometimes you need to do stuff you don't want or like doing.If you have never thought about putting your kids in boarding school I suggest you check if you are not a cyborg...


Being homeschooling mum is not a job for faint hearted. You need to be hardcore and very disciplined. Sometimes you need to do an extra research on how fog and clouds are made when your 6 year old pops in the question you don't know the answer to. It's ok, we cannot know all the answers.  It's ok to say to your child that you need to double check the answers, its not failing its learning, for both of you.


If you think you will be spending your evenings watching movies and playing games on your iPad. You are WRONG. Pinterest addiction is a recognised illness and the fact you are up at 3 am cutting out a paper brain is normal. Don't worry, the children will not appreciate any of it. Put the scissors down and go to bed.

stock photo by PEXELS


If you don't have a good homeschooling network around you, make sure you look for one. Being on the same boat as someone else sometimes puts a fresh perspective on our own problems. Having other parents to talk to and laugh with is essential. Make sure you get out, don't feel like people gives you looks, its a good lesson, for both and your child.


All of your cash goes towards sharpies, watercolour brushes and online courses. Book depository is on a favourite tap in your explorer and you have paypal account as touch and pay. Educational board games cover the entire living room and you cannot wait for a sale on TPT. Yes we all know it well...


Worrying if you are doing enough, if you made the right decision. Will your child be ready for life, will they education level be ok to pass exams or get into Uni? Will it?

Statistically homeschooled children have higher level of skills and knowledge than children who attend public school. Don't stress, you are doing fine. They are getting exactly what they need. You know best.

I would love to hear from others about struggles they have , so I can add them to my list.

Peace and Light


Chinese New Year Freebie

Chinese New Year is one of my favourite worldwide celebrations.

Its so colourful, magical even.

We are not Chinese but we tempt to celebrate this amazing festival.

This Year is a Rooster Year and we have created this free resource for you to download for your classroom / homeschool .

Enjoy it!

Why I don't torture my kids with Times Tables

Why I don't torture my kids with Times Tables

When I was a child there was this fashion for parents to teach their children times tables no matter what.

Times Tables = Smart kids = Some sort of approval in the Society

My mother would wake me up at night asking me Times Tables. Until now I remember crying my eyes out because I couldn't remember them all and I was "tortured" even more to learn them. 

I would be denied access to friends and TV, until I knew my numbers. 

It was like a torture, but the "fashion" was to know the times tables by heart. Make no mistake, it was a deal breaker for many parents. 

When I became a mother, alongside many "DO NOT" promises , one of them was to NEVER torture my kids with learning the times tables by heart.

One day my then schooled child ( yay for homeschooling now) came home from school. Tears, denial, anger. He failed his timetables, the teacher made him as an example for the entire class, he failed they all failed. You work as one organism talk..blah blah blah. And as much as I encourage team work I was furious. 

Stock image by PEXELS

I believe in children learning by doing. By experimenting, by touching, by seeing. They learn by making errors. 

And before anyone give me a critique about my methods I will point this out again. It works for us. 
By letting my kids use the calculus, abacus or a even a calculator I'm educating them about being resourceful, about following technology, I'm exposing them to visual aids which will eventually embed in their little minds and they will memorise the calculations. 

There is nothing wrong with letting your child to used aids. They are there to be used. Don't get caught in the " My Kids are the smartest" race. Let your children be they way they are. And not the way everyone wants to see them. 

Your child will benefit from the stress free task, they will learn that asking for help is ok and one they they will thank you for being the greatest mother. 

Peace and light..



I have been working hard on the clipart collection.

If you like it download it here

Homeschool or not to homeschool?

THE biggest question we ask ourselves...

I have struggles this week with getting back to our routine after the Christmas break...I'm pretty sure all normal people had the same problem.

I have been busy trying to get my portfolio going...but as always life gets in a way of things.

Mostly laundry, yes there is Always Laundry in our house. My children and my husband produce endless amount of washing. It's like the washing basket begs them to throw the dirty clothes in.

When we hit the rock bottom with the Homeschooling we usually do one thing... we stop schooling.
We take a day of ... we hit that day today...but I felt that we had a lot of "days out" during the festive period and I was determined to stick to the schedule.

It all end up with tears.

It all end up with two very miserable human beings.

It all end up with no achievements at all.

I had to remind myself why we started homeschooling in the first place. It wasn't because of the overpriced school fees in the "good schools" . It wasn't because of the other "unworthy" children , the bullies or the "lame " teachers. It wasn't because we had a problem with the school.

It was because it worked for US better than a conventional school.

We believed in hands on learning, we believed in Montessori method of letting the child to take ownership of their learning journey. We believed that unstopping would be the best way for our kids.

So there he was, a little human, who completely lost his faith in me today. And it really bothered me.

We paused, we watched a movie, we made a cake, we crafted, we went for a bike ride. We did what we meant to do. We let the experiences guide and educate us, we observed and we used practical skills to introduce learning back into our daily routine.

Within 1 hour he was on the floor doing fraction puzzles, no nagging, no shouting and no pressure.

Sometimes we forget why we homeschool. Its never too late to remind ourselves of our reasons.

Love and light


Because I'm a Queen


How else would you start a blog???

It has taken a lot of time, and a lot of thinking as of what I wanted this blog and website to be about , used for. 
Endless bullet point lists, pinterest pins and in my head conversations. Will it work? Would anyone read it? Can I actually do it? I still don't have the answer to it all. 

My motivation was my ambitious, my kids and the fact I don't have a job right now which would bring all the neccessary stimulation in a life filled career. Being a stay at home mother is amazing, my children are now in the age when they can pretty much do stuff for themselves and I'm not needed that much anymore. 

Sad but true.  Not long time ago I was nursing them, waking up at night to comfort them and wiped their bums! Where has the time gone?  Now they need me in a different way. They need my knowledge and my creativity to guide them through the life and their education.  This year we made the decision to Homeschool our older one, I could go on and on about how the school failed him, how the system failed him, its endless arguments. I'm not here to tell anyone that school is bad and school is evil and you should homeschool your children because they will grow up to be criminals and fraudsters if you don't. FAR FROM IT. 

The reason we started homeschooling is because it works for US as a family. My son had a high IQ and he struggled with the social aspect of being around children who weren't like him, he loves reading and chess, most boys like football. He tried but didn't fit in, he was bullied and abused and we decided to take him out, end of sob story. We did it because it was best for US. 

When I mentioned to my husband I will be starting a homeschooling blog he just gave me this " another project" look. Believe me I have don it all: I have baked cakes, I have done party planning, I tutored, I translated, I taught English, I even wrote a book! So seeing his face full of doubt it has eventually discouraged me but I'm not a quitter lol. 

So I sat down, made my own logo and decided it was time to get my head out of my butt and do it!

Weeks after the idea was born I came to conclusion as of what I want this blog to be:

1. Place where I post my experience as a homeschooling Mum plus advice, tips
2. Place where other people can post advice and tips
3. Place where you don't hate, judge or bitch ( trolls will be banned and deleted)
4. Place where I can sell my worksheets, my workbooks and clipart's( let's face it, we all dream of making money from it)
5. Place where the homeschooling community comes together. 

Pretty sure the list will evolve as we go. I want to keep it real, keep it simple and keep it going!

So I decided to give away the first ever font I made for FREE. If you like it subscribe to the Newsletter and it will be emailed to you absolutely FREE

Love and Light

The Queen is out

I hope to make this blog a long time project and